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Causley Trucking Inc. - Saginaw, Michigan

causleys2Harold Causley formed the Causley Trucking Company in 1941 when he started transporting fertilizer and farm products for the Wallace and Morley Company, Bay Port, Michigan. Harold was usually dispatched by his father‑in‑law, John Crosby, manager of one of the Wallace and Morley elevators located in Bradleyville, Michigan.

In 1951, Harold Causley acquired his first U.S. Mail contract transporting U.S. Mail from the Bay City train depot to Rogers City, Michigan. Causley Trucking expanded its operations in 1964 with a Detroit, Michigan to Mackinaw City, Michigan contract. In 1971, Causley Trucking Company again expanded by purchasing a terminal in Detroit, Michigan to service Washington, D.C.

In 1979, Causley Trucking Company was incorporated and renamed Causley Trucking Inc. In 1995 Greg Causley purchased LR Vincent Truck & Service and George E. Campbell & Sons, Inc. Today, Causley remains a closely family‑held corporation working together with its customers and all employees. Causley continues to grow annually while maintaining its commitment to providing quality service.

Harold's first truck: 1941 Chevy 2 Ton
Harold's first truck:
1941 Chevy 2 Ton

Causley experienced a growth rate of approximately 10% annually and then on July 1, 1995, doubled in size by purchasing George E. Campbell & Sons (Detroit) and LR Vincent Truck and Service (Iron Mountain). In 2000, Causley again expanded with the purchases of P-D Trucking (Gaylord) and Fedrizzi Trucking (Iron Mountain). Then beginning in 2006, the USPS brakes were applied. Continued loss of volume and subsequent revenue became severe in the mail industry; especially the First Class Mail. Mainly due to the advancement of technology. Volume decreases continue yet today and are projected to extend into the future. Causley experienced a reduction of 27% of US Mail revenues. Realizing the possible loss of future revenue in 2007, Causley began diversifying; looking for income to replace the USPS cuts. Goals were set to replace the USPS lost volume with standard freight volumes. At the same time, LRV (Vincent) expanded into the school bus transportation industry, naming that business R & A Transportation. This diversification has brought about many changes including restructuring the companies in 2013. We are proud to announce today that Causley has maintained its revenue by growing in freight volumes what is lost in mail volumes thanks to its dedicated work force working diligently to the ever-changing industry.

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