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The George E. Campbell Company now known as George E. Campbell & Sons, Inc. began in the late 1950's. Mr. Campbell owned a Gulf Gas Station on Huron Street in Pontiac, Michigan just down the street from the Pontiac Post Office. A gentleman from the Pontiac Post Office encouraged Mr. Campbell that he should try his hand at hauling mail. He turned in his bid for a contract and was awarded the bid for the Union Lake / Keego Harbor contract. He had this run for 1 or 2 terms and then lost the contract.

After losing the Union Lake / Keego Harbor contract he was offered a job with Armstrong Trucking, another mail contractor and worked for them for 1 to 2 years. In the early mid 1960's a contractor approached George to be a sub-contractor to haul mail down river out of Detroit to Wyandotte / Trenton / Grosse lie. George sub-contracted this run for approximately 2 years when it became difficult to get his money from the contractor. Eventually the contractor signed over the contract to George. We still have this run today known as HCR 48131.

In the mid 1960's Mr. Campbell put forth a re-bid on the Union Lake / Keego Harbor run and was awarded the contract. His company was growing. He now had established 2 contracts. The Detroit / Wyandotte / Trenton run and the Union Lake / Keego Harbor. In the late 1960's a contractor, Mr. Elliott wanted to get out of the U. S. Postal Contractor business. Mr. Campbell made an offer on the Belleville / Romulus contract and got it. This contract is still in effect today and is known as HCR 48132. Mr. Campbell's company had expanded to 3 contracts.

In the late 1960's, early 1970's George put a bid on the Pontiac / AMF contract. He now had 4 contracts. This contract went from Pontiac Post Office to the Metro Airport hauling all of Oakland County's Airmail. This mail was delivered right to the plane where it was to be loaded.

Through the course of the early years George Campbell had his sons working hauling the mail. In 1972 the company incorporated and became George E. Campbell & Sons, Inc. When Mr. Campbell retired in 1975 his son Dale Campbell took over running the company at the age of 21.

In 1976 the Postal Service started to crunch their numbers. Contractors were on the losing side. Campbell & Sons lost the Pontiac / AMF and once again lost the Union Lake / Keego Harbor contracts. The company suffered the biggest loss yet in its history.

Even though Campbell & Sons suffered a big set back losing the 2 contracts, the company struggled through. In that same year, Campbell's accumulated another contract from the Detroit BMC to South Bend, Indiana, the company's first tractor/trailer run. During the same course of the year Campbell's were also awarded the contract from Royal Oak delivering to Warren and Sterling Heights. 

In the early 1980's we acquired the Royal Oak to Southfield and Farmington. We are still hauling mail on these 3 contracts today.

On July 1, 1985 Campbell & Sons purchased Pink Moody, HCR 48090 going from the Detroit BMC to Royal Oak. Our second contract requiring Tractor/Trailer. On 11/23/1985 the company acquired HCR 48162, Detroit / Ann Arbor contract.

In 1978 Dale Campbell purchased a building located at 4100 West Fort Street, Detroit Michigan from Harold Causley. Through the course of a few years he purchased the property next door and built the building we are currently in today. For our trucks and trailers coming out of Royal Oak we have a location on Birchwood in Troy, Michigan.

George Campbell passed away in November of 1994. After the passing of his father, Dale Campbell sold the company to Greg Causley July 1, 1995.

Through the course of Campbell & Sons history it has been our intention to establish 100% professionalism and safety of on-time delivery service to the U. S. Postal Service. 

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