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Causley Trucking has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency by participating in an initiative that  will lesson our carbon footprint. By  providing grant funding, the EPA has helped us retire  some of the less environmentally friendly equipment that we have in our fleet. We were blessed to take possession of 6 new trucks this past fall and an additional 5 were added in early 2020.

A sedentary job or lifestyle can deter us from our health and wellness goals, or at least it can seem that way. Instead of dwelling on what you can’t do, make your goals work for you. If your health goals do not cater to your lifestyle and personality, the chances of success are slim.

Many people take for granted how much control we actually have over what we choose to put into our bodies as fuel. It’s easy to use the excuse that something unhealthy may be a quick/easy choice instead of choosing to eat something more nutrient dense that takes just as much time to consume. Choosing to pack a cooler with options such as these can be your first step. Choose veggies (carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli) use extras for flavor/spice (peanut butter, hummus, guacamole).

Add fruits (apple, banana, berries, oranges, grapes) and protein sources (hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, string cheese, cottage cheese, chicken, tuna, nuts) There are many variations in eating these foods and ways to keep things exciting. Any/all of these things are readily accessible at just about any grocery and most convenient stores. Choose to grab a hardboiled egg at the gas station instead of that bag of chips. Choose to grab a couple of water bottles to keep you from stopping for a soda on the road. These small daily decisions make for large changes in the future.

Steer clear of the carbohydrate loaded fried foods from a fast food joint. Often times, you can be in and out of a grocery store in the same amount of time it would take you to wait at a drive thru. As a health coach, my go to meal while traveling is usually something along the lines of a chicken breast, steamed veggies, and maybe some fruit. Most grocery stores have precooked rotisserie chicken available for purchase, or buy a grilled chicken sandwich and remove the bun. You can find a bag of steamed veggies in the freezer isle, all you need is about 4 minutes and a microwave (if not, any sort of raw vegetable works), and any option of fruit for a sweet snack. This is an easy way to get a great meal with lots of protein, fiber, and a healthy source of carbs.

It is a common misconception that you need an hour to work out each day or it isn’t worth doing. Wrong. Taking a few minutes every hour or even taking 20 minutes sometime during your day can counteract the effects of sitting all day. Stretching is one of the easiest ways to increase blood flow and reduce some of the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Each time you pull over for any reason, park furthest away. Get out of your vehicle, touch your toes, walk around your vehicle once or twice, and stretch your hands above your head. Thirty-two times around a truck equates to one mile! Further suggestions include: Keep a resistance band in your vehicle for stretching and resistance workouts, and small hand weights can be useful if you have 5 free minutes, Utilize the internet for any workout inspiration. You can find workout videos of every type for whatever length of time you desire

All of these aspects require minimal space and effort.  If we take a few minutes every day to do them, our lifestyle reaps the benefits!   

Mike Corso began working at Causley Trucking in 1983, and currently hauls mail from Mackinac City to Lansing. On March 19, 2015 Mike hit a mile stone that many can not say.   As he arrived at the Lansing Post Office, Mike had officially driven 3 million miles with our company, which he says was “unfathomable to him” when he stated driving with us 33 years ago!   Always prompt and on time, Mike even wakes up at 3:00 am on his days off. Without the dedication and service of drivers like Mike, this company would not be what it is today!   When asked about his many years with the company, Mike responded saying “ You have to make up your mind that you are going to do a job no matter what, and then do it!” Mike says that he really realized what kind of company he worked for when his son in law tragically passed away after battling cancer.   He was so touched by the generosity and kindness of the other employees and remembers feeling that saying Thank You never felt like enough.   Mike is known through out our company for his quick wit and great sense of humor.   What many do not know, is that Mike volunteers a great deal of his time as the District Chairperson for the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association.   When not driving or at the hockey rink, his other hobbies include yard work and spending time with (harassing) his beautiful wife Debbie. Mike wants to make sure that everyone knows that Lansing is his favorite Post Office.   He also would like to add that there hasn’t been even one occasion in 33 years where he has gotten lost, even without the use of a GPS phone. Thank you Mike for all that you do!

In 1995 Les Slaughter began his truck driving career with Causley Trucking and currently works out of our Detroit Terminal. In his free time, Les enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Patty, daughter and step son.   Other hobbies include cooking and working with wood. Although Les has nearly 21 years of truck driving experience on his resume, many would be surprised to learn that this was not his only career. Les worked for 12 years as a flight attendant with Frontier Airlines and Air America. During the 12 years before that, Les was traveling with a band called Freddi-Henchi. The Freddi– Henchi band played R&B, classic rock and predominately original recordings throughout the west coast in many ski resorts and traveled as far as Japan! Les’ love of music is his true passion.   He even has a full recording studio set up in his basement. While Les can play the key board and a mean drum solo, playing the saxophone is his first love. When asked about his career with Causley Trucking, Les spoke of the people that he works with and the family atmosphere this company has. Les loves people and describes his co-workers as part of his large extended family. Finally, many will be surprised to learn that the ever cheerful and youthful Les Slaughter will be celebrating his 63 birthday next month. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Les!

 We are currently looking to hire drivers for our Gaylord, Detroit and Saginaw locations.  If you or anyone you know are looking for a great company to work for, please call 989.752.8383 for more information.

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