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The Michigan Trucking Association hosted the annual truck driving championship on June 15-16, 2001. CTI is proud to have been represented by three drivers. They were: Ronald Warnke, Chris Grabowski, and Terry Sabourin. These selected drivers qualified for this competition by being accident free for the past year. Congratulations to Chris for finishing third in the five axle van class! 

Michigan Center for Truck Safety presented Causley Trucking with a home run for safety award recently. We earned this award by sending all of our drivers through Driver Performance Measurement, one of the Center's two skid pads, and the National Safety Council's DDC-Professional Truck Driving program. We are the 7th company to achieve this award since 1996 and we want to thank all drivers for their professionalism, dedication, and cooperation throughout this program. At the presentation, Michigan Center for Truck Safety Chair, Capt. Robert Powers states, "Your company is one of the elite and distinguished in the area of safety training." Greg responded by saying, "This is an honor. I'll take this [award] back to the drivers and tell them that they're the ones who earned it." Thank you and congratulations to all drivers!

CTI's 2000 Safety Banquets have recently concluded. Last year, CTI honored 64 drivers with 37,845,495 miles of safe driving totaling 473 years of safe service and driving. This year CTI honored 63 drivers with 38,581,201 miles of safe driving totaling 503 years of safe service and driving. Congratulations to all drivers and technicians on their achievement. 

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